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Home Inspectors

Gain a competitive edge and don’t miss another call while on the roof or in a crawl space. Studies suggest that 80% of callers will not leave a voicemail and will not call back if your phone isn’t answered and answered professionally. Can you afford to lose potential revenue of $300 by missing just one call? PASS is unique in that we employ a specially trained staff to handle inspection calls.

The owners of PASS have over 15 years of experience in the home inspection business. Because of this background as well as our partnership with Inspection Support Network , PASS will provide you an integrated personalized program combining superior sales, call center, and virtual office services with robust software to help you achieve your goal of increasing revenues and profitability. With our expertise, PASS is the superior solution in the inspection scheduling and call center arena.

Our Scheduling Software

PASS uses the web based scheduling system, Inspection Support Network (ISN), We employ this software as we believe it is the best integrated scheduling and email marketing solution for home inspectors. ISN provides you access to your schedule on a real time basis from most mobile devices. The reporting and email marketing features provide you the tools to electronically market to your clients, realtors and other referral sources, while monitoring business results.

Our Training and Customer Specialists

PASS provides intensive training to our customer specialists from sales and phone training to ancillary service (septic, well, WDI etc) training and attendance on inspections. This unique expertise allows PASS to employ specialized knowledge in answering, selling, and scheduling home inspections and the related ancillary services. We also believe this specialization helps us to achieve a closure rate on booking appointments of 78%-81%. Additionally our inspection clients’ businesses have grown 15%-45% over the last year.

We are happy to provide services for small and large inspection companies. Our clients also include single and multiple inspector firms, franchises, and multi state inspection companies. In addition to selling and scheduling inspections, we can work with you to provide virtual office services should you desire this expanded service. We also provide marketing, accounting, and administrative services.

At PASS, we understand how difficult it can be for any size inspection company to complete its marketing and administrative goals, perform inspections and maintain your sanity! Let’s create a personalized service for your business so you can PASS your calls to us and have more time to focus on your goals and profitably increase your inspection business.

Ask about our other services for inspectors including:

  • Competitive review
  • Customer care follow up calls to clients and agents
  • Outbound calls to sell/solicit presentations with realtors or other contacts