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Service Providers

Are you missing calls while on an appointment? Are you with a client and your cell phone rings with potential business?

A major factor in growing your business can be your phone handling. If you are allowing calls to go to voicemail or are not providing the best possible professional service when answering, you could be losing business. 98% of people say poor telephone handling gives a bad impression of a company right away and 69% will never call back.

PASS provides services to many service providers. Pest control, painting, carpet cleaning, maid services, septic services etc. If you are a service provider looking to increase your business or you’d like to hire a professional sales & scheduler at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee,PASS can provide the personalized, professional service your business needs. Now you can get off the phone, out of the office, and grow your company. We will work with you to understand the intricacies of your business and will work hard to sell and schedule your services as if they were our own. After all, our success is a direct result of your success.

Your clients will believe they are calling your local professionally staffed office. They will be handled with care by our specially trained customer representatives who are friendly and helpful. Our integrated scheduling & marketing software can be customized to your specific needs. Additionally, we can work with you to provide virtual office services should your desire this expanded service. We also provide accounting, administrative and marketing services.

Our Scheduling Software

PASS uses the web based scheduling system, Inspection Support Network (ISN), We employ this software as we believe it is the best integrated scheduling and email marketing solutions. ISN provides you access to your schedule on a real time basis from most mobile devices. The reporting and email marketing features provide you the tools to electronically market to your clients, and referral sources, while monitoring business results.Implementing our integrated system of call answering, sales scheduling and email marketing could be just what your business needs. Isn’t it time to get off the phone, out of the office and grow your business…PASS your phones & office administration onto us.

  • Competitive review
  • Customer care follow up calls to clients and agents
  • Outbound calls to sell/solicit presentations with realtors or other contacts