About WeScheduleIt

Company History

Founded in 2004 by a home inspector and his business minded wife, Tom and Lois were able to help home inspections companies expand their business by helping them over the last 15+ years. In 2019, it was acquired by Mike and Stirling, who saw a great opportunity to bring newer technologies to play to help provide Home Inspection business owners a better understanding of their business while improving the overall customer experience for the home inspection agents and clients. As a privately held company only serving the home inspection industry, WeScheduleIT keeps its customers first, with our success based on your success — period.

Our Values

Honesty & Transparency

Everyone deserves our respect. Client, Customer, Teammate, Colleague, Vendor, Prospect. We treat everyone properly, always speak the truth and are transparent with both information and objectives.


Our Ecosystem is our strength. We come from all different backgrounds, fluidly operating as ONE dynamic and flexible unit, adding value to our Clients, our Teammates and our Community.


We are ruthless in the pursuit of continually improving our results & performance. We work hard, try new things, fail and pick ourselves back up and try again. We believe numbers don’t lie and strive for an incremental 1% improvement every single day.

Why join us

We are making big changes and need a team of highly driven and ambitious professionals, looking for a rapid career growth path, and not afraid of pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone. If you are ready to for a challenge in an environment committed to mutual growth and success, then we would love to talk with you.