Sales Specialists

Every Sales Associates that works for you is incentivized on closes and upsells

Maximizing the financial value of each lead is essential. Buyers and agents are at times undecided and may want to shop around. They may not be sure if they want any additional services you provide. Our team of highly trained Sales Associates specializes in closing and upselling the highest margin services.


Most home buyers are unsure about differences between inspectors, or what additional services they may need along with a home inspection. We invest significantly in making sure that every trip you take to a property yields the highest possible revenue. Every associate is paid based on the leads the convert and the amount of upsells they close.


We align ourselves to the growth of your business, making sure that every lead yields the maximum revenue:

  • Majority of fees at risk based on closes and upsells
  • Prioritization on highest margin add-on in your area
  • Guidance on other profitable services

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